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‘Indigo Solves the Pzulze’ – Book Now Available to Purchase

‘Indigo Solves the Pzulze’ has been written by Wendy Fitzgerald and illustrated by Sophie Norsa and tells the true story of 10 year old Indigo Wallace-Knight, her struggles with Dyslexia and her resolve to overcome her disability and to assist other children who have literacy challenges. Part of Indigo’s story involves her setting up the Indigo Express Fund which now partners with the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence to deliver literacy assessments and tutoring for Indigenous young people.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Indigo Express Fund, a subfund of the Sydney Community Foundation. Book price: $24.95.

To purchase a copy of the book online click here or please contact Soon Lim, or call 02 99273339.

Book Reviews:

Susan Whelan, Kids Book Review, 18th January 2013

Buzz Words Issue 146, February 1st, 2013 (Page 19)



Indigo Express Fund – A sub-fund of the Sydney Women’s Fund

Indigo Express is a philanthropic Fund focusing on funding Literacy programmes for children with a particular but not exclusive focus on Indigenous kids.SydneyCommunityFoundationwhitebkgd We partner with a number of existing literacy based groups, MultiLit, Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation and the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, who are highly experienced in delivering Literacy programmes to disadvantaged children in Australia.

Indigo Express is a sub-fund of the Sydney Women’s Fund , which is part of the Sydney Community Foundation.

The Fund’s name has been inspired by the name of the Founder, Dr Catriona Wallace’s 9 year old daughter, Indigo, who has a reading disability.



Indigo Express Fund Charter

Guiding Principle

It is our belief that the most underprivileged and disadvantaged group in society is women and girls, in particular indigenous and economically disadvantaged women and girls with learning disabilities. It is our intention to make a positive contribution to these girls. twentytwentylogo220

The Guiding Principle of Indigo Express is that ‘if you can’t read, you can’t learn’. Being able to read at a young age ideally will result in developing children and subsequently
adults with:

  1. Higher self esteem and self confidence
  2. Social maturity and social inclusion
  3. Competency in other learning areas such as maths, science and arts
  4. Creation of a base to thrive at school, play and workcaro-and-co-160
  5. Greater chance of excelling at secondary and tertiary education
  6. Greater chance of economic independence
  7. Reduction in propensity for unemployment and incarceration


The Charter of Indigo Express Fund is to:

  1. Identify Literacy based programmes (that have Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status) related to Australian based children, indigenous and non-indigenous, and to raise funds to support these programmes


  1. Develop innovative not-for-profit LIteracy programs that are offered to children in disadvantaged communities across Australia
  2. Develop Kids in Philanthropy programs where children learn about giving and  develop peer networks and support programmes


Advisory Board Members

Dr Catriona Wallace is the Director of market research firm, ACA Research and Strategy Consulting and Research company Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Singapore and Malaysia. Dr Wallace has a PhD in Organisational Behaviour from the Australian Graduate School of Management, where she is Adjunct Faculty as well as being a well published academic author. Dr Wallace is recognised internationally as a leading commentator in the Service Management field and was recognised as one of Australia’s leading business women through the 2008 Telstra Awards programme. Dr Wallace has an active involvement in Philanthropy where her focus has been on projects related to Indigenous people. Dr Wallace also currently runs programmes supporting women prisoners. Catriona is also the mother of five children and would dearly love to have some more…;)

Gregory Richards is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and graduated from the University of Technology – Sydney with a Bachelor of Business.  He has worked in public practice in excess of 20 years for a number of firms and has vast experience in providing tax, accounting, audit and business advisory services to a large number of organisations/clients in both the commercial business and not for profit space.  He is currently involved in a number of community based programs to improve social awareness in general.

Harry Wallace was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to human rights and Australian Business. Mr Wallace was the founder of the ‘AusBuy’ campaign which campaigned for Australians to purchase Australian made products and services. Mr Wallace is also a successful business man, previously owning FT Wimble, Australia’s largest ink manufacturing company, amongst numerous other businesses. Mr Wallace is currently the Chairman of the BNG Trading Group which is a PNG based large distribution company. Mr Wallace was also the Founder of not-for-profit organisations, the Wallace Foundation, The Pacific Region Development Fund and The Major Issues And Theology (MIAT) group.

Dr Tracey Pillinger is a psychologist with many years experience working with children and adults with special needs. Originally employed as a child care social worker in London, Dr Pillinger moved on to work with adults with a chronic and long term mental health problem who were moving from institutional care to care in the community. A contract with The University of London and Guy’s Hospital to research the effectiveness of community mental health teams throughout the UK, saw a transition into full time academic work. Dr Pillinger has a Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology from the University of Sheffield, UK, and a PhD in Learning Theory and Skill Development from the University of New South Wales . Dr Pillinger was involved in the initial development of The Advanced Learning Laboratories, based at The University of New South Wales and Melbourne University . These units are completing ground breaking work on the learning and development of managerial skill. Dr Pillinger is currently taking time out of the workforce to raise her two young children and is a registered foster carer, providing short term support for children in need.

The Fund’s Figure Head

Indigo Wallace-Knight, aged 9, is a Figure Head for the Fund. Indigo was assessed as having a serious reading disability at age 5. Indigo suffered bullying, ridicule and social ostracism as a result of not being able to read. Since age 6 Indigo has undertaken literacy programmes and now is a competent reader.

Indeed it was Indigo herself who approached her mother with regard to establishing a programme to assist other children such as herself. Indigo expressed, “I would like to help children like me who can’t read. I don’t want them to go through what I did. It is much better being able to read. I want them to be happy.”

As a result of her experience and her keenness to support other girls, Indigo will take an active and lead role in the Fund for fundraising and for peer support (please see Indigo’s Blog).

Governing Body

The Sydney Community Foundation is the Trustee for the Indigo Express Fund.  As Trustee, the Sydney Community Foundation completes the due diligence process before grants are made to recipients and has final discretion on grants made after considering the recommendation/s of the Indigo Express Fund advisory committee.


Video of Indigo Wallace-Knight, aged 9, June 9 2011